You deserve Real treatment. Real help. Real support. Real change.


Brightside clinic delivers real treatment to real people who want real results

Louisiana has

citizens suffering from behavioral health and substance use issues.

Our 4-Step Brightside Model helps you the support and guidance you need to get on the road to recovery. 


Put your mind at ease with

The Brightside Model

Step 1: Intake Assessment
Helps us understand your needs and helps you understand how Brightside can help

Step 2: Develop and Discuss your Treatment Plan
Unique plan designed to guide your treatment

Step 3: Treatment Begins
Begin weekly or monthly sessions depending on your needs

Step 4: Meet the doctor
Helps determine if you have any medication needs that will aid in your treatment

Why Our Clients Prefer us?

We schedule all Intake Assessments within 48 hours of referral

We provide a clear explanation of your treatment and your treatment plan on the same day as your assessment

Treatment begins within 5 days of your completed assessment

You meet the doctor within 14 days of your scheduled assessment

Success Stories

“Thank you is simply all I can say. If it were not for Brightside and their strong clinical team my daughter and I would not be where we are today. Our relationship is strengthening daily. I actually might have lost my one and only child. I haven’t been the best parent, but I’m growing and my daughter sees the improvement and strides that I’m making.”
“Brightside has truly been a Godsend. The impact that my child’s counselor Brittany has made with my son is remarkable. He is more settled and the life skills he is learning he is actually applying. His confidence in himself has definitely increased.”

A Word from our CEO

Real treatment should not be reserved for a certain group of people. Everyone deserves real treatment. Real treatment requires two very important variables: an engaged clinician and an engaged client. That’s it. Real treatment takes time and it takes real work on the part of the client and the clinician. But it works. Brightside promises to show up every day, committed to doing real work and providing real treatment. Let us show you that your life can change in a real way.


Evon Roquemore




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